What is the difference between C++ and Visual C++?


What is the difference between C++ and Visual C++?

I know that C++ has the portability and all, so if you know C++ how is it related to Visual C++? Is Visual C++ mostly for online apps? Would Visual Basic be better for desktop applications?

8/24/2014 11:29:21 PM

Accepted Answer

C++ is the actual language, VC++ is Microsoft's Visual C++, an IDE for C++ development.

From stason.org:

C++ is the programming language, Visual C++ is Microsoft's implementation of it.

When people talk about learning Visual C++, it usually has more to do with learning how to use the programming environment, and how to use the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFCs) for Windows rather than any language issues. Visual C++ can and will compile straight C and C++.

3/16/2014 2:08:51 AM

C++ is the name of a programming language that has been approved by international standards committees (ANSI/ISO).

VC++ (“Visual C++”) is the product name of Microsoft's C++ compiler and sometimes, but not officially, the IDE it's shipped with (“Visual Studio”).

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