Convert CString to const char*


How do I convert from CString to const char* in my Unicode MFC application?

5/15/2011 7:45:12 AM

Accepted Answer

To convert a TCHAR CString to ASCII, use the CT2A macro - this will also allow you to convert the string to UTF8 (or any other Windows code page):

// Convert using the local code page
CString str(_T("Hello, world!"));
CT2A ascii(str);
TRACE(_T("ASCII: %S\n"), ascii.m_psz);

// Convert to UTF8
CString str(_T("Some Unicode goodness"));
CT2A ascii(str, CP_UTF8);
TRACE(_T("UTF8: %S\n"), ascii.m_psz);

// Convert to Thai code page
CString str(_T("Some Thai text"));
CT2A ascii(str, 874);
TRACE(_T("Thai: %S\n"), ascii.m_psz);

There is also a macro to convert from ASCII -> Unicode (CA2T) and you can use these in ATL/WTL apps as long as you have VS2003 or greater.

See the MSDN for more info.

5/13/2009 7:13:40 PM

If your CString is Unicode, you'll need to do a conversion to multi-byte characters. Fortunately there is a version of CString which will do this automatically.

CString unicodestr = _T("Testing");
CStringA charstr(unicodestr);
DoMyStuff((const char *) charstr);

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