How do I clear the std::queue efficiently?


I am using std::queue for implementing JobQueue class. ( Basically this class process each job in FIFO manner). In one scenario, I want to clear the queue in one shot( delete all jobs from the queue). I don't see any clear method available in std::queue class.

How do I efficiently implement the clear method for JobQueue class ?

I have one simple solution of popping in a loop but I am looking for better ways.

//Clears the job queue
void JobQueue ::clearJobs()
  // I want to avoid pop in a loop
    while (!m_Queue.empty())
4/2/2009 10:16:13 AM

Accepted Answer

A common idiom for clearing standard containers is swapping with an empty version of the container:

void clear( std::queue<int> &q )
   std::queue<int> empty;
   std::swap( q, empty );

It is also the only way of actually clearing the memory held inside some containers (std::vector)

4/2/2009 10:23:56 AM

Yes - a bit of a misfeature of the queue class, IMHO. This is what I do:

#include <queue>
using namespace std;;

int main() {
    queue <int> q1;
    // stuff
    q1 = queue<int>();  

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