C++ development on linux Code::Blocks, EMACS or GVIM


I am not looking for an IDE suggestion for C++ development. I have found many discussions on that and tried EMACS, GVIM and Code::Blocks. I liked Code::Blocks very much than the other two. But it looks like most of the developer community is using tools like EMACS or GVIM. Is there a reason for this? Why Code::Blocks is less used?

I found EMACS and GVIM is less user friendly. You have to put more effort to get it working, but Code::Blocks take advantage here. It is easy to start and compile. Or do I miss something?


3/23/2009 2:45:02 PM

Code::Blocks is less used because it isn't extensible as Emacs & Vim. During my work (in Emacs) with different programming languages, i often create a new scripts that make my work much easier. Code::Blocks allows to write extensions only in C++, that requires to do lot of work.

3/23/2009 10:51:43 AM

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