What does this error mean: "error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'type_name'"?


I've been working on the Cell processor and I'm trying to create a struct that will hold an spe_context_ptr_t, which will be used within the thread to launch an spe context and will also hold a pointer to something else that will be passed to the spu context from within the thread (currently I'm trying to just make it a generic pointer, but in actuality it will be a pointer to another structure I've defined). When I try and compile, I get the following error:

spu/../common.h:38: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'spe_context_ptr_t'

// here is the offending line(s)

typedef struct _PTHREAD_BLOCK {
    spe_context_ptr_t * context; // Error happens here
    uintptr32_t  args; 
9/14/2015 6:56:06 AM

Accepted Answer

The compiler doesn't know that spe_context_ptr_t is a type. Check that the appropriate typedef is in scope when this code is compiled. You may have forgotten to include the appropriate header file.

3/3/2009 9:07:06 PM

I had the same error message but the solution is different.

The compiler parses the file from top to bottom.

Make sure a struct is defined BEFORE using it into another:

typedef struct
    char name[50];
    wheel_t wheels[4]; //wrong, wheel_t is not defined yet
} car_t;

typedef struct
    int weight;
} wheel_t;

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