What is the most efficient thread-safe C++ logger?


I am working on a performance critical multi-threaded application. I looked at rlog, Ace and Boost logging. I chose rlog because I read it was the fastest (when logging is disabled, it has the least overhead).

The problem I have is it shows the file name, line number etc. even in release mode. If you can tell me how to shut that information off, my problem might be solved. In any case what is the most efficient logger in C++ for my situation?

1/13/2009 4:54:41 PM

Unfortunately I am not able down vote at the moment. As far as I can say never ever use crap like Apache log4cxx. It contains serious bugs.

  1. The last release of 0.9 branch is 0.9.7 and still contains memory leaks because every class with virtual members has no virtual dtor.
  2. The newest release 0.10.x lost a lot of functionality from 0.9.x and is not backwards compatible. You are forced to rewrite a lot of your own code.
  3. The whole project seems to be unmaintained. The release of 0.11.xx has been announced for 2 years.

In my opinion you should go with boost.

9/29/2015 8:58:51 PM

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