How do I call a C++ static library from Perl?


I'm writing a C++ static library that needs to be shared among several applications, one of them written in Perl. Unfortunately, I only barely know the core Perl language (I read the Llama book), and I'm not all that familiar with its libraries. How do you make calls to an external C++ binary from a Perl script?

By Google search, I found information on the Perl Inline module, but if I understand it correctly, that isn't what I need. I'm pretty sure that's for writing C and C++ code directly in your Perl scripts, not for calling external C++ libraries.

The C++ static library is being cross-compiled for an ARM processor, so there will be no C++ compiler on the target machine where the Perl script will be running. (If that makes a difference.)

1/9/2009 2:07:52 PM

Accepted Answer

You want to look at using XS, which is how Perl normally interfaces with C/C++ libraries. It's not quite trivial. A couple of relevant portions of the Perl documentation:

1/9/2009 2:15:18 PM

You can call code from other libraries via Inline::C (and likely the same via Inline::CPP) - have a look at Inline::C::Cookbook. Most likely you want to start out with Inline and after you're done experimenting use the resulting .XS file to work further.

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