Best way to extract a subvector from a vector?


Suppose I have a std::vector (let's call it myVec) of size N. What's the simplest way to construct a new vector consisting of a copy of elements X through Y, where 0 <= X <= Y <= N-1? For example, myVec [100000] through myVec [100999] in a vector of size 150000.

If this cannot be done efficiently with a vector, is there another STL datatype that I should use instead?

5/10/2013 6:09:04 AM

Accepted Answer

vector<T>::const_iterator first = myVec.begin() + 100000;
vector<T>::const_iterator last = myVec.begin() + 101000;
vector<T> newVec(first, last);

It's an O(N) operation to construct the new vector, but there isn't really a better way.

1/7/2009 7:04:54 PM

Just use the vector constructor.

std::vector<int>   data();
// Load Z elements into data so that Z > Y > X

std::vector<int>   sub(&data[100000],&data[101000]);

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