Compile to a stand-alone executable (.exe) in Visual Studio


how can I make a stand-alone exe in Visual Studio. Its just a simple Console application that I think users would not like to install a tiny Console application. I compiled a simple cpp file using the visual studio command prompt. Will the exe work even if the .NET framework is not installed? I used native C++ code.

1/9/2010 10:13:04 PM

Accepted Answer

Anything using the managed environment (which includes anything written in C# and VB.NET) requires the .NET framework. You can simply redistribute your .EXE in that scenario, but they'll need to install the appropriate framework if they don't already have it.

1/9/2010 9:52:49 PM

Inside your project folder their is a bin folder. Inside your bin folder, there are 2 folders, a Release and a Debug. For your polished .exe, you want to go into your Release folder.

I'm not quite sure if thats what youre asking

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