MinGW linker error: winsock


I am using MinGW compiler on Windows to compile my C++ application with sockets. My command for linking looks like:

g++.exe -Wall -Wno-long-long -pedantic -lwsock32 -o dist/Windows/piskvorky { there are a lot of object files }

and I have also tried

g++.exe -Wall -Wno-long-long -pedantic -lws2_32 -o dist/Windows/piskvorky { there are a lot of object files }

but in both case I get this error:

build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpunit.o:tcpunit.cpp:(.text+0x33): undefined reference to `closesocket@4'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpunit.o:tcpunit.cpp:(.text+0xd0): undefined reference to `send@16'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpunit.o:tcpunit.cpp:(.text+0x1ee): undefined reference to `recv@16'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x184): undefined reference to `WSAStartup@8'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x1a5): undefined reference to `closesocket@4'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x1cb): undefined reference to `closesocket@4'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x1d3): undefined reference to `WSACleanup@0'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x6fe): undefined reference to `bind@12'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x724): undefined reference to `listen@8'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x7f0): undefined reference to `gethostbyaddr@12'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x83c): undefined reference to `socket@12'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x86f): undefined reference to `htons@4'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x8b5): undefined reference to `connect@12'
build/Windows/MinGW-Windows/src/utils/tcpdevice.o:tcpdevice.cpp:(.text+0x9c6): undefined reference to `accept@12'

Do you have any ideas where the problem can be, please?

3/22/2017 5:58:49 PM

Accepted Answer

Put the -lws2_32 AFTER the list of object files - GCC searches libraries and object files in the order they appear on the command line.

Just to help the other viewers out there:

gcc hello.c -o hello.o -lws2_32
10/15/2012 4:08:19 AM

with mingw on eclipse: Menu - Projekt - Properties - c/c++Build - Settings: Register "Tool Settings" - MinGW C Linker - Miscellaneous: Lower Part "other objects" add: "D:\Programmierung\mingw\lib\libwsock32.a" for example. No other entries for libwsock32.a on any other properties required, especially not in Library-entries. Also no flags relating to this Lib.

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