How to find if a given key exists in a C++ std::map


I'm trying to check if a given key is in a map and somewhat can't do it:

typedef map<string,string>::iterator mi;
map<string, string> m;
pair<mi,mi> p = m.equal_range("f");//I'm not sure if equal_range does what I want
cout << p.first;//I'm getting error here

so how can I print what is in p?

10/31/2017 7:53:18 AM

Accepted Answer

Use map::find

if ( m.find("f") == m.end() ) {
  // not found
} else {
  // found
8/28/2013 9:05:58 AM

To check if a particular key in the map exists, use the count member function in one of the following ways:

m.count(key) > 0
m.count(key) == 1
m.count(key) != 0

The documentation for map::find says: "Another member function, map::count, can be used to just check whether a particular key exists."

The documentation for map::count says: "Because all elements in a map container are unique, the function can only return 1 (if the element is found) or zero (otherwise)."

To retrieve a value from the map via a key that you know to exist, use map::at:

value =

Unlike map::operator[], map::at will not create a new key in the map if the specified key does not exist.

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