Function names in C++: Capitalize or not?


What's the convention for naming functions in C++?

I come from the Java environment so I usually name something like:

myFunction(...) {

I've seen mixed code in C++,


What's the correct way?

Also, is it the same for a class method as well as a non-class method?

6/2/2017 2:28:03 AM

Accepted Answer

There isn't a 'correct way'. They're all syntactically correct, though there are some conventions. You could follow the Google style guide, although there are others out there.

From said guide:

Regular functions have mixed case; accessors and mutators match the name of the variable: MyExcitingFunction(), MyExcitingMethod(), my_exciting_member_variable(), set_my_exciting_member_variable().

4/25/2019 12:32:29 PM

Since C++11, you may want to use either snake_case or camelCase for function names.

This is because to make a class work as the range-expression in a range-based for-loop, you have to define functions called begin and end (case-sensitive) for that class.

Consequently, using e.g. PascalCase for function names means you have to break the naming consistency in your project if you ever need to make a class work with the range-based for.

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