When should you use 'friend' in C++?


I have been reading through the C++ FAQ and was curious about the friend declaration. I personally have never used it, however I am interested in exploring the language.

What is a good example of using friend?

Reading the FAQ a bit longer I like the idea of the << >> operator overloading and adding as a friend of those classes. However I am not sure how this doesn't break encapsulation. When can these exceptions stay within the strictness that is OOP?

6/15/2017 6:54:27 PM

Accepted Answer

Firstly (IMO) don't listen to people who say friend is not useful. It IS useful. In many situations you will have objects with data or functionality that are not intended to be publicly available. This is particularly true of large codebases with many authors who may only be superficially familiar with different areas.

There ARE alternatives to the friend specifier, but often they are cumbersome (cpp-level concrete classes/masked typedefs) or not foolproof (comments or function name conventions).

Onto the answer;

The friend specifier allows the designated class access to protected data or functionality within the class making the friend statement. For example in the below code anyone may ask a child for their name, but only the mother and the child may change the name.

You can take this simple example further by considering a more complex class such as a Window. Quite likely a Window will have many function/data elements that should not be publicly accessible, but ARE needed by a related class such as a WindowManager.

class Child
//Mother class members can access the private parts of class Child.
friend class Mother;


  string name( void );


  void setName( string newName );
1/17/2017 2:09:28 PM

At work we use friends for testing code, extensively. It means we can provide proper encapsulation and information hiding for the main application code. But also we can have separate test code that uses friends to inspect internal state and data for testing.

Suffice to say I wouldn't use the friend keyword as an essential component of your design.

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