OpenCV on Embedded Platform


Can some suggest a test/development embedded platform to use with OpenCV. I would like to develop an embedded video analytics solution, but I don't know where to start. Some suggestion/ideas/hw starter kits?

Maybe some Pc-104 solutions with Intel Atom? Has someone made some test about performances on this platform or any other embedded platform?


10/19/2009 3:59:53 PM

A Pentium/PC built OpenCV application will run on any Atom platform with the same OS unmodified. This is because Atoms natively run Pentium executables.

If you are looking for a more embedded solution, there are OpenCV ports for the BeagleBoard. SInce OpenCV is portable code, it can be compiled to most systems that provide a C/C++ compiler. I have successfully used OpenCV on ARM, MIPS and XScale processors.

As for mobile platforms, there are ports to the iPhone, Android and various Windows CE/Mobile/Embdeed versions.

1/2/2011 8:07:14 PM

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