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I have a Phone interview coming up next with with a company which works in financial software industry. The interview is mainly going to be in C++ and problem solving and logic. Please tell me the method of preparation for this interview. I have started skimming through Thinking in C++ and brushing up the concepts. Is there any other way I can prepare?? Please help.


Thank you all everyone for the advice. I just want to add that I am currently fresh out of grad school and have no previous experience. So Can you suggest some type of questions that will be asked to new grads??

10/15/2009 6:13:48 PM

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Make sure you know your basic data structures and algorithms. You're more likely to be asked about that stuff than something higher up the food chain. Those are usually saved for the in-person interview.

Put another way: be solid with the fundamentals and solid with your C++ syntax. Also, knowledge of common libraries like STL and Boost couldn't hurt...but be sure you know what those libraries give you! In the end phone screens are there to cull out people who can't do the basics. Prove you can and you should move on to the next step. Good luck!

Here's some links of interview questions to check out:

Now, for completion's sake, some books:

10/15/2009 11:41:20 AM

I have interviewed several candidates specifically focusing on their C++ knowledge, and if there was one question that worked well to put peoples' knowledge of C++ on a gradient, it was this one:

Fix this memory leak as robustly as you can:

void doSomething()
Foo* pFoo = new Foo();
[do some stuff]
  • +1 for putting delete pFoo at the end
  • +2 for putting pFoo in a std::auto_ptr
  • +3 for knowing what RAII is - the concept, if not the acronym
  • +4 for mentioning exception-safety guarantees of the auto_ptr
  • +5 for putting pFoo in a boost:shared_ptr
  • +6 for knowing when a shared_ptr might not be freed.
  • +7 for talking about garbage collection techniques to fix circular references

This always worked to show how long someone had been working with C++. This is one datapoint you can use to tell where you are in the scale of C++ knowledge.

Edit: I would recommend someone for hire at level 3 or above.

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