Store an int in a char array?


I want to store a 4-byte int in a char array... such that the first 4 locations of the char array are the 4 bytes of the int.

Then, I want to pull the int back out of the array...

Also, bonus points if someone can give me code for doing this in a loop... IE writing like 8 ints into a 32 byte array.

int har = 0x01010101;
char a[4];
int har2;

// write har into char such that:
// a[0] == 0x01, a[1] == 0x01, a[2] == 0x01, a[3] == 0x01 etc.....

// then, pull the bytes out of the array such that:
// har2 == har

Thanks guys!

EDIT: Assume int are 4 bytes...

EDIT2: Please don't care about endianness... I will be worrying about endianness. I just want different ways to acheive the above in C/C++. Thanks

EDIT3: If you can't tell, I'm trying to write a serialization class on the low level... so I'm looking for different strategies to serialize some common data types.

1/11/2013 12:36:30 PM

Accepted Answer

Not the most optimal way, but is endian safe.

int har = 0x01010101;
char a[4];
a[0] = har & 0xff;
a[1] = (har>>8)  & 0xff;
a[2] = (har>>16) & 0xff;
a[3] = (har>>24) & 0xff;
10/6/2009 12:33:32 AM

Unless you care about byte order and such, memcpy will do the trick:

memcpy(a, &har, sizeof(har));
memcpy(&har2, a, sizeof(har2));

Of course, there's no guarantee that sizeof(int)==4 on any particular implementation (and there are real-world implementations for which this is in fact false).

Writing a loop should be trivial from here.

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