how can we use a batch file in c++?


MY PURPOSE: I want to make a c++ program that could use DOS commands.

OPTION: I can make a batch file and put into it the DOS commands. But I don't know how to use this file from a c++ program?

6/29/2018 8:04:12 AM

There are two options available to run batch files on Windows from C/C++.

First, you can use system (or _wsystem for wide characters).

"The system function passes command to the command interpreter, which executes the string as an operating-system command. system refers to the COMSPEC and PATH environment variables that locate the command-interpreter file (the file named CMD.EXE in Windows 2000 and later)."

Or you can use CreateProcess directly.

Note that for batch files:

"To run a batch file, you must start the command interpreter; set lpApplicationName to cmd.exe and set lpCommandLine to the following arguments: /c plus the name of the batch file."

9/25/2009 5:38:04 PM

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