How to initialize a const field in constructor?


Imagine I have a C++ class Foo and a class Bar which has to be created with a constructor in which a Foo pointer is passed, and this pointer is meant to remain immutable in the Bar instance lifecycle. What is the correct way of doing it?

In fact, I thought I could write like the code below but it does not compile..

class Foo;

class Bar {
    Foo * const foo;
    Bar(Foo* foo) {
        this->foo = foo;

class Foo {
  int a;

Any suggestion is welcome.

10/30/2010 9:19:24 AM

Accepted Answer

You need to do it in an initializer list:

Bar(Foo* _foo) : foo(_foo) {

(Note that I renamed the incoming variable to avoid confusion.)

9/14/2009 8:24:13 PM

I believe you must do it in an initializer. For example:

Bar(Foo* foo) : foo(foo) {

As a side note, if you will never change what foo points at, pass it in as a reference:

Foo& foo;

Bar(Foo& foo) : foo(foo) {

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