Alternative function in iostream.h for getch() of conio.h?


I'm trying to hold the screen on my output using the header file <iostream.h>, but I don't know any equivalent function to the getch() & clrscr() functions of <conio.h> in <iostream.h> or any other C++ library. Are there any such functions?

10/3/2009 2:03:22 PM

Accepted Answer

if you work on windows you can use system("pause"), this will give you "press any key to continue" message.

9/4/2009 10:01:03 AM

The conio.h functions are compiler extensions to the language, not part of C or C++. There isn't a direct replacement in standard C++.

For getch(), int ch = std::cin.get(); is probably the closest equivalent -- but bear in mind that this will read from buffered standard input, whereas I think the conio.h getch does an unbuffered read.

Any implementation of clrscr() is going to be very platform-dependent -- not all screens or terminals have a notion of clearing, and those that do have wildly differing ways to access that functionality.

If you need to treat the terminal as something other than a set of character streams, your best bet is probably to look for a library which hides the details of the underlying terminal, screen or console from you. If you're on a UNIXish system, look at the curses or ncurses library; I don't know of any suggestions for other OSes.

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