How to convert std::string to LPCSTR?


How can I convert a std::string to LPCSTR? Also, how can I convert a std::string to LPWSTR?

I am totally confused with these LPCSTR LPSTR LPWSTR and LPCWSTR.

Are LPWSTR and LPCWSTR the same?

1/4/2017 8:07:46 PM

Accepted Answer

str.c_str() gives you a const char *, which is an LPCSTR (Long Pointer to Constant STRing) -- means that it's a pointer to a 0 terminated string of characters. W means wide string (composed of wchar_t instead of char).

6/11/2014 11:19:57 AM

Call c_str() to get a const char * (LPCSTR) from a std::string.

It's all in the name:

LPSTR - (long) pointer to string - char *

LPCSTR - (long) pointer to constant string - const char *

LPWSTR - (long) pointer to Unicode (wide) string - wchar_t *

LPCWSTR - (long) pointer to constant Unicode (wide) string - const wchar_t *

LPTSTR - (long) pointer to TCHAR (Unicode if UNICODE is defined, ANSI if not) string - TCHAR *

LPCTSTR - (long) pointer to constant TCHAR string - const TCHAR *

You can ignore the L (long) part of the names -- it's a holdover from 16-bit Windows.

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